It was ten years ago that I was in Leadership Stockton myself (Class of 2005-06), and to
this day it was one of the most fulfilling experiences of learning more about our
community, being a proud Stocktonian, and exercising leadership. When I learned of
your class project selection with the Stockton Police Department, I was honored. The
project’s focus on the beautification of our old and tired building (construction of it began
in 1968), as well as the community engagement, could not come at a better time. Our
Stockton Police Department employees have traversed very difficult times, and to be
appreciated and encouraged, lifts my heart; and I know it will lift our collective
Departmental morale. The project’s emphasis on community engagement also comes at a
critical time when, now more than ever, we need to build bridges with the community we
serve, and we need to highlight the positive things going on in the Police Department.
Class 2015-16, I sincerely thank you, and the entire SPD thanks you, for your willingness
to lift up SPD during a very challenging time in history. Together, we can continue to
bring public safety and our wonderful community into an ongoing, strengthened


Eric Jones

Chief of Police

Stockton Police Department